Research Setup on Honeybees


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Research Setup on Honeybees

FU Berlin . Institute for Biology and Neurobiology – Experimental setup for research on honeybees

Place: FU Berlin, Institute for Biology and Neurobiology

Date: 2007 – 2009

Client: FU University of Berlin, Institute for Biology and Neurobiology



Development and construction of a prototype for investigating the swarm behaviour of bees (subsequent production of 6 experimental constructions).

The fluerics setup is made up of a light polystyrene cube floating on an air cushion, steered by capillary tubes which can be moved via the air movements of a bee. The movements are transferred into a 2D graph by infrared measurements via an interface. The movement patterns of the bees thus show how they react to environmental factors, how they learn about the presence of landmarks and how they move towards them. It was possible for the first time to register their brain activity during such navigation activities.



250 x 150 x 150 mm



various light-weight materials



development, prototype


turning, fitting

infrared measurement

electronic cabling

flow test work